Considering That Hinduism Lacks a Uniting Belief System, What Makes Up the Hindu Religion?

Topics: Hinduism, Religion, India Pages: 3 (755 words) Published: August 5, 2010

Emily Brandon
Axia College

Considering that Hinduism lacks a uniting belief system, what makes up the Hindu religion? “One big societal element is that India is one of the last bastions of the ancient world’s culture. Its population practices scores of diverse religious tradition. “Hinduism” is actually an umbrella term referring to the people living “on the other side of the Sindhu River.” The actual name is the “Santayana Dharma” or Universal Truth or Way. One of “Hinduism’s” greatest strengths is its ability to unite the diverse beliefs and practices of its people in ways that are absolutely necessary for India to continue as it historically has. This is one reason why the government of India is so aggressive in its opposition to Christian and Muslim missionaries. Religious like Christianity or Islam demand a degree of doctrinal uniformity that would not work well for the Indians because

they destroy the historic traditions and beliefs of those who come under their dogmas. India’s incredibly rich traditions are their nation’s greatest riches. As evidence, consider the differences between modern India and Pakistan (formerly part of India, separated by Islam). India allows Muslims to live in peace, for the most part, while Pakistan makes it all but impossible for Hindus to live there.

Hinduism’s demand of vegetarianism reflects an important reality. Ancient India’s lifeblood was its cattle. This is still largely true today in the villages. The bulls plow the fields so that food can be grown.

Cows give milk, an important ingredient in many Indian foods and a vital source of protein. Cow dung is used for making cooking and heating fires as well as some Ayurveda medicines. “Ahimsa,” non violence, maintains a civility that otherwise would not exists considering the religious and political differences in the region.

The caste system (the...
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