conservation vs preservation

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Conservation versus Preservation
Carl Danders
01 Oct 2013
Mrs. Hunt

Conservation versus Preservation
This week I had the opportunity to learn the differences and importance of both the conservation and preservation efforts at play in today’s environment. After reading about both of these methods to work with our resources it is easy to see that these terms are used as the situation dictates. What I mean by the situation dictating the outcome is helped if I explain what these terms both mean. In my own words conservation is to conserve something in particular, to be more specific it is to restore something after a loss or some type of damage. This week’s reading we looked at Ecuador and the “La Bosque de las Ruinas” (The Forest amongst the Ruins). The significance of this situation is that the environment was saved or restored by humans intervening and placing structures natural or man-made to combat agricultural or environmental deficiencies. In Ecuador the harsh winters and melting snows had caused landslides which wiped away houses and swallowed roadways in the process. What conservation specialists brought to the table was to plant natural trees in places where runoff was to be expected and could potentially reduce the violence of erosion during melting snow or flooding rains.

In my own words Preservation is simply an attempt to preserve the current condition of an eco-system or environment as it stands without intervening by some sort of methodology, just protecting the environment from pollution, humans or businesses foreign to that environment. This week’s reading Dr. Carlton Ward JR and a few friends travel through the Everglades in Florida this is a great example of what Preservation is about. The Everglades are much too harsh for home builders or large corporations to even attempt to build on or purchase property but the Everglades still need protection from outside sources due to the delicacy...

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