Conservation Versus Preservation

Topics: Biodiversity, Sustainability, Species Pages: 4 (516 words) Published: June 17, 2015

Conservation versus Preservation
June , 2015

Conservation and preservation are similar in nature, but preservation has a stricter outlook on how land should be used by humans. In conservation, the land should be used but still able to replenish itself for future generations. While preservationist believe the land should only be used for its natural beauty and inspiration. The conservation example I chose was rangeland management. Rangeland management would be considered conservation due to the fact that ranchers use the land with sustainable methods. By using methods such as deferred grazing or restoration of the land, this creates the sustainable method allowing it to reform for future use. The preservation example I chose was the endangered species act. In this act it targets different species’ that is officially listed by the agency then it’s protected by law. It cannot be legally hunted or trapped or harassed. This is an example of preservation because it’s preserving endangered species by protecting them from humans. In the conservation method I chose, it meets the requirements by allowing the rangelands to reproduce without disturbing them. Ranchers are faced with a lot of requirements to produce meat for human consumption. The supply and demand on different animals forces ranchers to do the best they can. Ranchers use different methods to ensure the sustainability of pastures for future use. In the preservation example I chose, the endangered species act does make it discouraging to hunt these animals, but unfortunately poachers’ still hunt these animals every day. This act has helped preserving the animals and or plants that have been placed on the list. There are some species that would not be around anymore if it wasn’t for this act. So this act does meet the requirements it needs for preservation, but there are things that can still be done to make this better. One of the...

CHAPTER 12: Grasslands, Forests, and Wilderness: Sustainable Management Strategies
CHAPTER 11: Preserving Biological Diversity
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