Conservation of Wildlife

Topics: Endangered species, Extinction, Biodiversity Pages: 6 (2105 words) Published: June 11, 2011
Wildlife Conservation in My Country

In Malaysia, just like elsewhere the modern world, many species of wildlife are disappearing fast, and conservation measures are needed to prevent animals and plants from vanishing for good. Habitat destruction is a main part of the problem but many animals are being killed and taken by hunters and poachers too. Many rare animals are hunted for food and even for sport. Some are caught alive and then sold on to collectors. One of the saddest and sickest reasons that animals are hunted is because of the crazy supernatural belief that parts of their bodies, such as rhino horn, have magic properties. Wildlife includes all non-domesticated plants, animals and other organisms. Domesticating wild plant and animal species for human benefit has occurred many times all over the planet, and has a major impact on the environment, both positive and negative. Wildlife can be found in all ecosystems. Deserts, rain forests, plains, and other areas including the most developed urban sites, all have distinct forms of wildlife. While the term in popular culture usually refers to animals that are untouched by human factors, most scientists agree that wildlife around the world is impacted by human activities. Conservation is a planned management of a natural resource or of a particular ecosystem to prevent exploitation, pollution, destruction, or neglect and to ensure the future usability of the resource. Living resources are renewable, minerals and fossil fuels are non-renewable. Wildlife conservation is the preservation, protection, or restoration of wildlife and their environment, especially in relation to endangered and vulnerable species. All living non-domesticated animals, even if bred, hatched or born in captivity, are considered wild animals. Wildlife represents all the non-cultivated and non-domesticated animals living in their natural habitats. Our own country also has many unique and rare animals, birds and reptiles. However the pressure of growing population in different parts of the world has led to the increasing need of using land for human habitations and agriculture.

This has led to the reduced habitat of many wild animals. Besides that, it may also cause on the extinction of many of animal such as tigers, tapirs, rhinos and so on. With Malaysia's wildlife being some of the most diverse on earth, and it being a Megadiverse country, the Malaysian government is interested in protecting it. The government aims to balance economic growth with environmental protection, but has been accused of favouring big business over the environment. Smoke haze from Indonesia occasionally causes problems further north, and fires caused from forest burning in 1997 obscured large parts of Southeast Asia and Australasia in smog. At current rates of forest lost the rainforests will disappear within a generation. Over 80% of Sarawak has been cleared, and this clearing has caused animals traditionally in lowland forest to retreat into the upland rain forests inland. Logging, along with cultivation practices has devastated tree cover, causing severe environmental degradation in the country. Floods in East Malaysia have been worsened by the loss of trees, and over 60% of the Peninsula’s forest has been cleared. With current rates of deforestation, the forests are predicted to be extinct by 2020. Deforestation is a major problem for fauna such as tigers, as the forest is cut to make room for plantations, mostly for Palm oil and other cash crops. The Orang utan population has dropped 40% in the last 20 years. Hunting has also been an issue. Animals such as the Asian Elephant have been forced out of their habitat due to its loss, often forcing them to starve. Once so common that complaints existed of them trampling people gardens, Sumatran Rhinoceroses are likely to go extinct in Malaysia. Hornbills are steadily declining in numbers. Most remaining forest is found inside national parks.

Wild habitats all over...
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