Conservation of Mass

Topics: Scientific method, Hypothesis, Theory Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: October 29, 2006
Conservation of Mass Lab

Initial Mass (g)
Final Mass (g)
Change in Mass (g)
Part 1 155.82152.90- 2.92
Part 262.8256.06- 6.76

Analysis and Interpretation
1.Organizing conclusions.
Describe all evidence indications that a chemical change occurred in this experiment

1. When the vinegar was added to the baking soda, the reaction let out a smell and it started bubbling and gas came out. The reaction also rose, and changed its color

2.Evaluating Conclusions.
Was the law of conservation of mass really violated in Part 1 as it appeared? Explain your answer.

Yes, the law of conservation of mass was violated in Part 1 because the experiment was not conducted like Part 2 which was sealed. The experiment was held in the open which allowed the mass to decrease when the baking soda and the vinegar started to react.

3.Evaluating Methods
Explain why the results for Part 2 were different from those for Part 1. What is the system used in Part 1? What is the system in Part 2? How do they differ?

In part 1, the procedure was held openly, meaning that when the gas from the baking soda was given off, it lost mass, but when in Part 2 the experiment was in a plastic bag, it made a difference with the change in mass. The system used in Part 1 was

4.Explain how the steps of the scientific methods were used in this procedure

The steps if the scientific method were used in this procedure when we first observed the materials, then we hypothesized and collect data like taking the mass of the baking soda, measuring the vinegar and plotting it down in our table. Experimenting was the next step and then after that we wrote down the results, like the final mass and the change in mass. We concluded with a theory, according to our results and observations.

When a log is burned, the resulting ash obviously has less mass than the log did. Explain whether this loss of mass violates the law of conservation of mass...
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