Conservation of Fort Precinct Bombay by Rahul Mehrotra

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Rajat Malhotra – UD 7312
ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Rahul Mehrotra is the Principal Architect of RMA Mumbai. 

He studied architecture in CEPT Ahmedabad and Master’s in Urban Design in Harvard University 1987. Currently He is the Chair person in Urban Design and Planning Department in Harvard Graduate School, Cambridge.

Designed some Prominent Buildings in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Restored the Chowmahalla Palace. He has been the force behind KALA GHODA area rejuvenation movement in MUMBAI. He co-authored many books like

Bombay – The city with in
Banganga - The sacred tank
Bombay to Mumbai – Changing perspective
Conserving An Image Centre – The fort precinct in Bombay and many more. From 1994 – 2004 He was Executive Director of UDRI.
Based on his Study and recommendation, the historic FORT AREA was declared A CONSERVATION PRECINCT in 1995.


At the beginning of his career Rahul Mehrotra got a chance to design Art Scapes in Jehangir Art Gallery, at Kala Ghoda in 1990.
A list of Heritage Building by City Administration was published in 1991, which included 193 Buildings of the Fort Precinct ( 1/3 of the city buildings)
During this period the author was involved in writing Articles on Bombay as well as in Fort area like – Bombay – A Factitious city (1991 apr. TAJ Magazine)
Bombay city – One space two worlds (1991 nov. A+D )
Bazaars in Victorian Arcades – Transformation “Places” ( 1992 Journal in Environment Design Newyork) In all his writings the author has explained the history of BOMBAY and the importance of the FORT AREA from the Early Days.

Being an Urban Designer he felt that there was a need to protect and conserve the FORT PRECINCT and image of BOMBAY.
Thus two books were published by him in order to bring light to these above topics. 1. Fort Precinct of Bombay (vol. 1) - the need of creation of conservation zone. 2. Fort Precinct of Bombay (vol.2) – a proposal for Area conservation.

To give Proposal and suggestion for conservation of Fort Precinct.

To Act as a CATALYST – a handbook which will be the basis for both the citizens and Government to take decision to declare Fort Area a Conservation Zone.

The book is divided into five parts as follows –
1. CONSERVING THE FORT PRECINCT – the author first explains the importance of the Fort Precinct. He calls it - a Symbolic centre
Marks historic origin
Act as a commercial and financial centre
As respect to Urban Design and Architecture
A cohesive and visually significant.
Involves works of most talented architects, planners and city administrators at that time.

The author identifies that 50 % of total number of heritage building in the city ( according to control rules of 1991 ) are in the Fort Area. Thus the fort area should become as a Heritage Precinct. Author discusses three broad issues under conserving the fort precinct Physical form and building regulationIdentifying components of the city’s urban system that are essential and should be conserved. Designing more dynamic bye – laws.

Amendments in Rent control Act.

Legislation and ImplementationTransparency (Govt. Administration) In its function
Manner in regulation is formulated
Ensuring proper implementation
City administration as a facilitator
Fort area as a laboratory to test.

Regional context
Defining the role of the fort area in the city.

2. DELINEATING THE FORT PRECINCT- The author explains the boundaries of the fort precinct, till where they exists.
3. PATTERNS OF FORT PRECINCTS- In this chapter the author gives us information about various patterns that forms the overall character and texture of the fort.
A detailed survey was done of the area on the basis of
Figure ground
Heritage buildings
General topography of the area
Ownership of heritage buildings
Land use
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