Conservation of Environment

Topics: Environmentalism, Global warming, Climate change Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Conservation of the Environment

Conservation means the saving and protection of our environment. The environment is facing numerous problems due to the caresless way people are using and abusing it. One of the main problems is pollution which means dirtying destruction of the environment. Another major environmental problem is deforestation which is excessive cutting of forests. All these have led to global warming which is a result of poor environmental conservation.

Because of all these problems, we should all be more aware about conservation which means protecting the environment. How do we do this? First of all, the government should implement stricts laws concerning air pollution. Factories abd cars which emit smoke and toxic fumes into the air should be heavily fined. The public should be educated about pollution. there are laws about using only unleaded fuel and cleaner engine fluid but these are not enforced.

We should also stop destroying our forests just to build more and more houses. The destruction of forests has not only led to soil erosion and landslides but it can also lead to climate change. This is one of the reasons for global warming, which means that world temperatures are rising. Even the Antartic is getting warmer and the ice on top of many mountains is melting.

Another way to conserve environment is to stop throwing rubbish into the rivers and seas. People who practise open burning of thrash should also be fined. Each individual is responsible for the environment. And if we all do our part to look after it, we can protect it from deteriorating further. Conservation is noy just the government’s responsibility. It is everyone’s.
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