Conservation of Aurangabad Gates

Topics: History, Architecture, Architect Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: April 16, 2013
d GBook Review: History, Performance and Conservation by Barry Bridgwood, Lindsay Lennie Gayatri Saoji (UD 7912), UD, CEPT, Ahmedabad. 2012

The book History, Performance and Conservation by Barry Bridgwood and Lindsay Lennie written in 2009 provides a base for the construction of old heritage and its appropriate conservation today, considering the overview of history since ancient period with the help of a wealth of examples to support the same. The authors intend to focus on the understanding of how to repair and maintain historic buildings and environments without any damage by examining three important interrelated topics – architecture, materials and conservation. Through this book, information has been given about development of architecture within its social context chronologically, from the Ancient civilisations, through renaissance to modern architecture spanning vernacular architecture as well. After discussing the history of various conservation movements and their philosophies in brief, the book guides the reader to practical application of conservation and the relevant legislation. Author Barry Bridgwood is a chartered architectural technologist. He is compiler/author of and former module leader for Building Conservation (Technology and management) at Hariot-Watt University MSc. Author Lindsay Lennie is a chartered surveyor with a post-graduate diploma PhD in building conservation. Lindsay’s practical interest is historic buildings and in 2006 was awarded a Research Fellowship to survey and research Scotland’s historic shops. Intended audience of the book is students and professionals in the field of architectural technology and conservation. The book offers a clear interpretation of the subject by the use of clear language in simple words. The writing style adopted is fragmented i.e. the book consists of small chapters that propose division of modules and hence a better understanding of each module. Although the...
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