Consequences of Driving While Intoxicated or Drugged

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Driving while intoxicated or drugged is one of the most hazardous and terrifying part of being any victim behind the steering wheel. I chose the topic of drinking or drugged driving because of the impact it has on so many innocent lives. Just one wrong move can change the lives of you and the others around you even if they're strangers. I feel as if every human being has the right to live and for a innocent life to be taken away by a careless driver who should not be on the roads is appalling and disgusting. Although there is a law of a legal intoxication of a blood alcohol content of .08%, I believe that if you're going to drink at all, don't plan on driving and have a designated driver with you. Any person who illegally takes drugs is already breaking the law but driving after taking them puts every single life in the surrounding cars at risk. Not only can illegal drugs impair your driving ability, but even legal, prescription drugs can make you drowsy and you shouldn't be driving. Any person who drinks or takes any drugs and plans on driving should always kiss their family goodbye before they go.

First, driving while under the influence of alcohol is a major driving risk. All of the accidents caused by drunk driving are preventable. In car accidents that occur fatalities, the average drunk driver has a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .16 which is two times over the legal limit. Two drinks are equivalent to a BAC of .16. Ever since strict laws have been enforced more over the years, drinking and driving has gone down and accidents from intoxicated drivers has gone down also. From 1982 to 2010, alcohol related car accident fatalities has gone down from 60% of all accidents to 31%. If more laws are strictly enforced, the percentage will continue to go down and innocent victims won't lose their lives. If in an accident and there is a driver who is illegally intoxicated, there are many consequences, some more strict than others. Some...
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