Consequences of Destroying Natural Habitats

Topics: Habitat, Habitat fragmentation, Natural environment Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: March 29, 2013
The greatest concern among environmentalist in the last decade or so is the rising destructive behavior of man throughout the world.We are a nation that are slowly suffocating ourselves with dangerously destructive nature.The Earth itself has retaliated with several warning signals in the last few months.The recent earthquake in Haiti which has resulted in the death of 150 000 people and more is one such example.It is one of several major natural disasters in the last few years that have wiped out several hundred thousand lives within seconds.It is a terrible warning sign that we may have offended Mother Nature too far.We have been responsible for truly unspeakable crimes against the environment.One such destructive nature is the constant and increasing destruction of habitat worldwide. Despite expanding technology and increasing wealth,the nightmarish truth is that most of the world remains in a glorified mess.One of the biggest problems that we are facing in the world right now is the growing concern surrounding the destruction of our habitats.Habitat destruction is generally regarded as the process whereby natural habitat is rendered completely unable to support the species that live in that habitat.When this happens,the natural organisms which previously used the site either are displayed or destroyed.The destruction of habitat usually occurs due human activity mainly for such commercial purposes of harvesting the natural resources in that habitat for urbanization or industry production.Habitat destruction is the main reason that species are getting extinct.The large corporations who mine,log,trawl or tear down these areas have no regard for the destruction that they are incurring.The chief reason for the destruction of habitat is due to agricultural expansion and forestry. Habitat destruction vastly increases an area's vulnerability to such natural disasters like floods,crop failure,droughts and water contamination.It is the presence of a healthy ecosystems...
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