Conpassion Circuit Analysis

Topics: Domestic robot, Robot, IRobot Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Summary of “Compassion Circuit” by John Wyndham
In the Future, a housewife, Janet had been in the hospital for five days. Janet had been converted to the idea of domestic robots. It had all came from the two days of observation to realise that Nurse James was a robot. She was really surprised at how real and efficient they can be. However before Janet went to the hospital, she disliked being attended by robots despite that nearly everyone around had a robot as their second or third most important property. All this housework from not getting a robot had caused her to go to the hospital and the dislike from her Husband, George, to come home everyday seeing her worn out. When Janet realised how reliable and realistic robots can be, she had changed her mind and allowed George to get her a robot. When the doctor heard this he had said it was excellent, that he was afraid Janet wouldn't be able to do too much work because she wasn't strong enough. George had then agreed and told the doctor how persuading her just wouldn't work and they got into quarrels. However the doctor suggested that Janet needed one of those new, highly sensitive robots with a compassion circuit to look after her. But they were very costly. So George discussed with his wife how the looks and details should be like and bought a robot. After ten days at hospital, Janet finally got home and received her robot the next day. Once the robot was clicked to life after dinner it made Janet slightly uncomfortable and guilty that the robot was so lifelike. Janet had named her robot, Hester. After four months with Hester, Janet had regarded her as a friend and not a robot. The two of them had been discussing about how poor humans could be one day and Hester had said that humans are weak things, pointed out that robots are untiring, have no feelings of unhappiness and pain. That if one bone was broken it could be immediately fixed unlike humans, they don't have to sleep nor grow old. So the two of them...
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