Connor from Unwind

Topics: Temporal lobe, Emotion Pages: 3 (1125 words) Published: March 17, 2014
Connor Lassiter (the "Akron AWOL") is a sixteen-year-old boy whose parents signed the unwind order because of his constant fighting and getting thrown out of several schools. His escape and shooting the JuveyCop with his own tranqulizer gun creates a legend about the Akron AWOL, with stories that continue to become more elaborate with each telling. Connor doesn't admit to being the Akron AWOL until Roland discovers it at the harvest camp. Connor changes from being an uncontrolled fighter to a person who contains his rage enough to rationalize and see what's hidden in many dangerous situations. He finds an unexpected loyalty to the Admiral, the leader of a runaway unwind camp where he is staying, when they discover the bodies of The Goldens, some of the Admiral's favorite Unwinds. Risa Megan Ward is a fifteen-year-old teenage resident at a StaHo (state home) orphanage in Ohio. She became a ward of the state home when her parents "storked" her directly after she was born. Risa is a very skilled piano player, but was scheduled to be unwound to cut orphanage costs and because the orphanage felt she had already met her full potential. During a private conference with the headmaster, she feels like "her membership in the human race was just revoked." After growing up in an orphanage, she is inherently distrustful of people, but on the inside she is very emotional and caring. Risa is also extremely smart, resourceful, and tough girl who can take good care of herself. During their escape she manages to get food, clothes, and to get out of many sticky situations. She is very knowledgeable about taking care of young babies and wounds. She becomes a medic in the Graveyard because of her experiences at the orphanage. Risa sees a great change in Connor when she helps him control his emotions and to think rationally about the situation instead of just fighting. Levi "Lev" Jedediah Calder is, at thirteen, the youngest of ten children. He is described as angelic, with blond...
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