Connection Between Health and Psychology

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Connection Between Health and Psychology|
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There are many doctors that would agree that there is a connection between physical health and psychological health. When you are getting stressed out over your job because you may be overworked or there are financial problems within your family. All of this could cause you to have some form of physical reaction. We are going to look at how these two things if they are really connected with one another. Physical Health and Psychology

Your physical health can be affected by all of the things that you are doing, by the way that we gather and process information, your career choices that you make, family, troubles as also the environment in which you live in. It is to be believed that illness and wellness both exist on a continuum. Like for an example if we know someone who may be feeling fine and their liver is getting damaged from all of the drinking that they have been doing for many years. We wouldn’t say that they are dying or sick. What we would probably stay that they are less healthy than they would be if they wasn’t doing the unhealthy thing. Medical sociologist Aaron Antonovsky (1979, 1987) has suggested that we consider these concepts as ends of a continuum, noting that ‘‘We are all terminal cases. And we all are, so long as there is a breath of life in us, in some measure healthy’’ (1987,p. 3).

There are times when you may feel sick, tired, or just run down. This doesn’t always have to be a response from a virus or even bacteria that has invaded the body. It could simply be a response to what is going on within the body, brain, and subconscious mind. A cold is an example of an illness that is a common for you to get when under stress for extended periods of time. There are some to believe that Heart related conditions, breathing conditions, muscle and joint pain conditions and many physical ailments are commonly found...

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