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Novelists will often make comments on the societies in which they live, highlighting strengths and weaknesses of their world. To what extent do you think this is the case for the texts you have studied?
In relation to this, what effects on humanity are discussed by the authors and what contrast is there between the two novels?
Science fiction serves a social function by inferring from realities of the present to the possibilities of the future. Part of the effectiveness of the genre depends upon the realistic assessment of what might if certain trends, ideas, or circumstances were extended to a logical, though perhaps unlikely final conclusion.
The Andromeda Strain is a world-famous technological thriller written by the creative genius Michael Crichton, first published in 1969. The novel is based on a fictional apocalyptic event following a group of scientists investigating a deadly extraterrestrial microorganism.
The Terminal Man is another publication by Michael Crichton, first published in 1972 (the novel following the release of the Andromeda strain). The text is of the same genre, but in this case it is based on behavioural modifications through psychosurgery.
Michael Crichton spent most of his late life studying in university whilst simultaneously writing. He graduated with highest honours from Harvard College, received his MD from Harvard Medical School and a postdoctoral at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. He taught anthropology at Cambridge University and writing at MIT.
As stated above it is clearly evident that Crichton had a distinct interest in medicine/biology, and he himself said the reason for pursuing this career was due to his interest in human psychology. He believed that everything and everyone was flawed in a sense and that humans are unaware and are just conformists.
He himself had said: “We cause

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