Congress Of Vienna

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How successful was the Congress of Vienna in achieving the aims of the peacemakers?

The Congress of Vienna was successful in achieving the aims of the peacemakers, to an extent. They accomplished maintaining the peace and balance of power in Europe for a while and the Congress was able to resolve many of their territorial disputes without difficulty. The Great Powers worked on maintaining the peace in Europe, doing whatever they needed to keep it. For a century they were successful, however, the Congress eventually began to fall apart as the major powers’ self-interest limited their objectives. It was the conflicts that arose, along with unequal representation that they, like many in the past, were successful in the short-term effects, however, fell short when it came to the long term effects. There was unequal representation in the Congress. Though all the nations sent their own representatives, the power and decision making really lied within “the great powers” of Europe, Britain, France, Austria and Russia. However, while they had started deciding on the territorial settlements of Europe, Napoleon returned from Elba, and caused a great conflict in the peace of Europe. After that, the great powers no longer treated France as generously. The Quadruple Alliance, established in 1815, let France join three years later in 1818, and they (Britain, France, Austria, Russia, and Prussia) all decided to act in accordance against any state that threatened the stability of Europe, preventing attempts to overthrow the governments, preserving the borders, and keeping the balance of power in Europe. The balance of power was very important to the Congress of Vienna, and they were successful in keeping it for a hundred years after the exile of Napoleon, despite many minor conflicts arising during that time. The first conflict that came up, was that the French wanted the occupation force withdrawn, because the French government felt that they had less credibility due to the...
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