Topics: James Madison, Supreme Court of the United States, Thomas Jefferson Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Ap U.S History

George Washington is testable material
Fair well address: He warned against foreign alliances, and political parties, and sectionalism, sectionalism is seen in the early 1800’s George Washington was the only one smart enough to foresee it. George Washington votes for the national bank, the affordable care act today is constitutional, George washington said so. John Adams: French revolution and Napolianic wars. Wouldn’t declare war on france because they had helped us get away from England. The Virginian and Kentucky revolution are written establish the doctrine of being able to nullify laws. In 1801 Thomas Jefferson got the vote at the election by the votes of the house of representatives, because Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson Tied votes at 74 votes each, and the house of representatives had to break the tie. The lamb Duck period is the period in between the election and inauguration. In the 1800 the federalists were out the door in the lamb duck period, they went out quietly but they were scared to death of Jefferson. They were afraid he had violent ideas some were afraid they were going to be beheaded. Congress created new courts and then appointed some federalists as judges to those courts, most of these judges were appointed while John Adams was still in office. On march 5th 1801 when Thomas Jefferson and his secretary changed Madison showed up for work Madison found on his desk 12 appointments by law secretary of state has to hand out these political appointments and Thomas Jefferson said stick them in a drawer and forget about them. Jefferson is operating under the assumption that he is the head master in the circumstance, although john adams appointed a federalist to the supreme court named John Marshal as a Chief Justice he was a decipal of George Washington, one of the appointments that was not handed out belonged to Marbury John marshall told Marbury to sue James madison for the appointment in the supreme court and force him to...
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