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The Congress is perhaps America’s most important political body. It plays a major role in the passage of laws and the changing of political policies. It allows individual districts to have a voice in Washington politics. It can check the power of the President. It has been home to countless nonpresidential leaders who shaped America. It has been a launching pad for most United States Presidents. Where did this powerful lawmaking body come from? The answer can be found by looking into America’s first years of existence where a select few men known as Framers shaped the nation that would flourish for centuries. The movie Congress by Ken Burns provides information pertaining to the formation of the Congress and how it has transformed into what it is today.

In 1789 the Constitution established the official lawmaking body of the United States of America, the Congress ( However, the Framers decided to go beyond creating a single lawmaking body by adding that the Congress would be a bicameral body; it would be composed of two separate houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate (Congress). The House of Representatives would provide representation based on population of each individual state and the Senate would represent all states equally (Magruder). The Framers felt it was necessary to create these two houses for three distinct reasons. The first reason was the history behind bicameral legislature. The British had employed this form of legislature and as America’s former ruling government; their methods were fresh in the minds of the Americans. The Framers did not wish to exactly emulate the government of the British, obviously, but they found no major flaw with the bicameral system of their former government. Another reason the bicameral house made sense was its practicality. During the framing process an argument between large and small states took center stage. Large states asked for representation in Congress based on...
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