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Most of the United States population is uneducated about the political system. Most believe that congress should have things done fast and in a fashionable manner. This is why Americans hate the Congress as an institution. In reality congress is the complete opposite then what most believe. They believe that congress is operating slowly and without purpose, but that is the way they should be working it is the only way to insure efficiency. Americans love their individual congressperson simply because they mirror their districts feelings. The congressperson do what they can to push their constituents opinion in the open, also they share the same views as their district. The congressperson shares the popular view of the district. This is another reason they hate the congress as a whole, because they do not share the opinion of the individual district. Lastly, another reason why Americans love there congressperson is pork barrel legislation. In these types of bills other pieces of legislation is put into it to make it more appealing to others so they will vote on it to pass.

Congress is organized to facilitate a goal of re-election. One way members get re-elected to congress is by name recognition. If the person is already in office, then they have been heard of. Since the person already has experience with the job people will associate them with being the right person for the job. Since no one knows anything about the other person running they will typically go with the person in office. Another reason is money. The person in office already has a lot of campaign money. The more money means more yard signs, commercials, and interviews for publicity.

Lawmaking is difficult in the congress. One reason is because the bill that becomes a law affects our lives in many ways. For example, a bill that would ban the use of alcohol completely is being proposed by the congressman. For the bill to become a law it must go through many steps in both the...
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