Congo Imperialism by Belgium

Topics: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Slavery, Republic Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: May 22, 2012
The Democratic Republic of Congo:

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was set up to be the poorest sickest nation in the world by mainly one man. King Leopold the second drove the DRC into having high levels of poverty and low life expectancy to help pretty much only him. He stripped them of their ivory and rubber using black slaves, and nobody cared because of racism. Leopold used scams, slaves, and racism to help his own country, he didn’t care about the country he was destroying. While using these things he ruined families, destroyed towns, and was ultimately responsible for tens of millions of deaths. King Leopold did all this because he believed that overseas colonies were the key to another country’s success. The DRC is the poorest and sickest country in the world because of obstruction of resources, racism, and Leopold’s instability and greediness.

King Leopold the second of Belgium had control of DRC for forty-four years. Since he believed oversea colonies were a key to a country’s success, Leopold began to work tirelessly to obtain Belgium their own personal colony. King Leopold eventually began a project to extract rubber and ivory from his own personal colony, the DRC; to make this happen he relied on slavery. Leopold’s real reign of terror started when nobody not even the very important asset to this project the government in Belgium was interested in what he had done. Since nobody liked it he began, in his own private capacity as an ordinary citizen tried acquiring a colony. Then after many times of failing at many different schemes, he made a fake association. It was in disguise to be a scientific association but was really the Association Interationale Africane built in 1876. King Leopold the second then hired a con artist, Henry Morton in 1879.He hired Morton to trick the natives into selling their land. It worked and he became sole ruler of a country 76 times larger than Belgium, DRC. Leopold was sole leader of the DRC with...
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