Topics: Confucianism, Han Dynasty, Mencius Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: April 10, 2014

There are several virtues that advocate in Confucianism, manly known as filial piety, loyalty, forbearance, humaneness and the golden rule. Confucius believes that each of them is interdependent and human should maintain the balance of them in order to ensure a smooth collaboration in human society. On the other hand, Confucius emphasizes ancient arts like rites, music and writing. He thinks that these are the major components that cultivate ones disposition. For instance, writing can develop the ‘prefer righteousness detest wickedness’, music can form ‘ideal moral integrity’ and rites can apply ‘to advance or retreat, each has its rules’ for human beings.

Moreover, Confucius contends ‘No Child Left Behind’. He educates students about solutions about all type of daily-life problems, as well as the essential conditions that facilitate inter-personal relationship. His principles are reasonable and understandable. The most well-known tenet is ‘Cultivate ones, Keep one’s family in order, Run the country well and Bring peace to the world’. It can be seen that Confucius believes deeply in ‘Human are born to be righteousness’, every single unit can become a sage through cultivation.

In fact, Confucianism is highly related to the modern world. Take ‘Human Nature’ as an example, ‘Human Nature’ explains that human have innate ‘sense of sympathy’. Actually, many human behaviors verify this Confucianism. For instance, people donate valuable items for charities, devote in protecting environment and offer their seats to people in needed. They behave in such way that will not ask for any repayments. Here is a concrete example: In 2008 Sichuan earthquake, three teachers was found that for the sake of students’ life, they sacrificed their own life. It’s a real, yet touching story. At that severe moment, the three teachers value the students’ life more than their own life. This can certainly experience the Confucianism in the modern world....
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