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James Schaar

Confucius was born in 551-479 BC. His father died while Confucius was three years old. He was raised in a poor single mother family, during a time of civil unrest in china. Confucius is thought to be the first teacher and the one of most influential Chinese philosophers. After his death his teachings became the basis for Confucianism.

Confucius believed that we’re naturally good, but it needs to be learned. People have to learn how to “cultivate the good and throw out the bad. Anything that is worth learning is must be practiced. He thought very highly of education hence one of his sayings “enrich them educate them”. Confucius focused on relationships, they were very important and every type of relationship should function a certain way. Some people say the Confucius is very similar to Socrates.

Two of the main concepts of jen and li are considered basis of Confucianism. Jen is what makes you human, the ability to care, goodness, giving and “man-to-man-ness”. acting in this manor is highly revered in Confucianism considered human perfection. One must Have moral and ethical respect for human life, treat others with humanity and having self-esteem for one’s self. He believes that jen can be learned. Everyone can be “perfected” and it needs to be learned. Jen is the foundation of all relationships and it applies to not just one race but to everyone. Li is a guide to human interaction also the general guide to social order and in your life. Li plays the role of higher rung of natural law. For jen to exist society needs to have order. People need to be open with one another. Every action has an effect on someone else, there are limits to individuality. Confucius wanted to order the entire way of life, you shouldn’t be left to guess because you don’t know how to behave. Confucianism has had a huge affect on East Asian society and thinking. China used the Confucian philosophy as the basis for government for...

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