Confucian Values in Singapore

Topics: Singapore, Culture of Singapore, Government Pages: 4 (1091 words) Published: September 14, 2012
“Confucian dynamism” - Singapore

Singapore is an amazing nation. From their initial colonisation by the British in 1826 to their eventual self governance in 1959, Singapore has emerged as an industrial hub and the largest trading port in the South of Asia (and one of the 5 largest ports in the world). Through their development as a nation, Confucian values were a crucial mechanism used by the government. Confucian values can be described as CONFUCIAN RESEARCH NEEDED, with a great emphasis on areas such as thrift, diligence, respect and paternalism. With these values as a fundamental part of Singaporean culture the nations business practices were created highly different to the styles used in the West. The governments interaction with its people also played a key role in the development of the nation and in emphasising and recognising Confucian values role in Singaporean society and its role in business and the economic system. The Singapore government went further than creating strong infrastructure and providing political stability but it lead the way with the establishment of many government business enterprises which have become national icons. Leadership in Singaporean organisations reflects many values which citizens see in their government and can be directly attributed to their Confucian heritage and culture. These values such as leaders being knowledgeable, effective, fatherly and possessing parental authoritativeness have been recognised to being vital in managing people. It has been shown that these Confucian values of pragmatism, openness and paternalism have helped Singapore become the booming nation it is today. Its openness and paternalism have encouraged modernisation, adopting foreign practices and fostered Singapores multinational nature and helped it in its necessary competitiveness. Even in its government stance of women in the workforce and pay equity Singapore has been surprisingly progressive at times even against its inherent Confucian...
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