Conformity in De La Salle University

Topics: Sociology, Conformity, Social psychology Pages: 8 (2103 words) Published: October 13, 2014

Conformity in De La Salle University-Manila ID 114 Students
Melissa U. Azarraga
Hannah Marie A. Mayo
De La Salle University- Manila

This research was completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements in ENGLRES (English for Research)
Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Melissa U. Azarraga, Hannah Marie A. Mayo of De La Salle University- Manila, 2401 Taft Avenue, Manila. Contact: *******


Every year, different universities including De La Salle University- Manila (DLSU-M) accepts freshman students from different schools all over the Philippines. Yearly, different freshman goes to DLSU-M to take the degree course they want to pursue. Upon entering a new school and socializing with different students from different places not just in the Philippines but from other countries as well, students tend to adapt a new behavior called conformity According to Cialdini and Goldstein (2004), throughout the decades of investigation of conformity it is apparent that an individual’s inclination and drive to mimic or copy their surroundings is sometimes so swift and unconsciously done as if it was their immediate reflex to respond. With these facts stated, the authors found that most students tend to mimic or conform behavior from the new environment they have been introduced to.

The author, McLeod (2007), describes conformity as a type of social influence that may actually be the foundation for an abrupt change in an individual’s belief or behavior to enable that person to assimilate with the people that surround them. On the other hand, conformity, as described by economist is an essential way of individual to follow other with reasons such as popularity, esteem, and respect (George & Yariv, 2010; Bernheim, 1994 as cited in Egebark & Ekstrom, 2011). In addition, conformity is described as an attitude or a behavioral change that happens because of a real or imagined group pressure (Walker & Heyns, 1962; Secord & Backman, 1964; Brown, 1965; Homans, 1961; Krech, Crutchfield & Ballachey, 1962; Berg & Bass, 1961; Asch, 1952; Keisler, 1969 as cited in Sanaria, 2004). In contrast to all of this, Robbins (1989, as cited in Sanaria, 2004) defines conformity as an act of adjustment into one’s behavior to adhere with the rule of the group. Furthermore, to understand conformity deeper, researchers stated different factors on why students or an individual tend to conform. Zafar (2009) states that there are diverse factors which lead students to conform but to give one example, he introduced social interdependence. This is believed to actually be a vital part on how people make individual decisions. A person’s positive relationship with the people he or she is connected with and the individual’s choice is consistent with either the individual (1) learning from the experience of others and later allows him or her to make a decision, which is also known as social learning, (2) using the individual’s knowledge about a reference group’s decisions and actions to actually compare and ensure his or her decision (social comparison), or (3) actually “going with the flow” because of influence hence the factor, social influence. The difference of each factor is significant for these two reasons: it is for the appropriate knowledge and for our hypothetical understanding to use these for our individual choices and for people to differentiate the proper etiquette. Corresponding to Bandiera, Barankay, and Rasul (2009) study, they found that if an intermediate norm evolves in the presence of friends in a certain field study where each individual's payoff only depends on his own actions. Experiments were even conducted to portray how an individual responds to a given situation. One experiment by Milgram (1974, as cited in Cialdini & Goldstein, 2004) includes a...
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