Conformity and Obedience

Topics: My Lai Massacre, William Calley, Conformity Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: July 19, 2010
Essay: Conformity and Obedience
July 7th 2010
Conformity is like a virus that you are bound to catch, and there is only one real cure. People conform to society because society has strength and power over us. People delude themselves into believing that majority is society. If someone’s views go against society then society will pounce upon them like a hungry lion to eat them alive. Rather than going against it, people follow along even if it isn’t always right. People must do what is right, but the question is what is right? When you are surrounded by a group of people it is nearly impossible to not go along with what they are doing. Society has made people delude themselves into believing that what is right is what society says is right. Nothing gives them authority over you, and they are no more knowledgeable than you are. No one knows what is right and what is wrong. Overtime what defines right and wrong has changed drastically. As things become accepted they become what is known as right and wrong. People evolve and change their views because courageous people stood-up for what they believed in even if it was not the right idea. You must do what you believe is right and I must do what I believe is right because in the end all that matters what we believe. Conformity is a difficult thing to avoid. It takes courage to stand up against society. Many times people have been or were willing to be prosecuted for it. A world allowing things to go on that I know are wrong is not a world worth partaking in. Conformity easily turns into obedience, but there is a difference. People must continue living the same principles with obedience as with conformity. The key to obedience is to honestly believe in those who you are obedient too. But people put too much faith in the authorities they obey, and it blinds them whenever the authority they obey does something that they don’t really believe is right. Deep down they know it certain things aren’t truly right, but they...
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