Conformity and American Schooling

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Abby Sekus
A.P Lang and Comp
Conformity and Schooling

Many schools have good intentions of creating individuals, while others would argue that schools, their policies and structures are creating conformists. Personally, I do not think that schools are molding students into conformists. Schools’ expectations for high school students have given us the opportunity to be creative in the classroom while also teaching us to be responsible and mature when making choices.

Schools set enough expectations in our student handbooks to make us disciplined, pay attention and complete our work responsibly. Without these basic standards that school districts set for us, our school would run wild. “Source G” provides a standard high school handbook with “school climate and student expectations”. A typical handbook consists of simple requirements such as: reporting to class on time, attending regularly, taking responsibility for learning, respecting the teacher, being considerate to peers, cooperating with the dress code and finally, respecting the rights of others’ learning. With this being said, it still allows for students be creative.

These few standards create disciplined and responsible students. Schools set their expectations so students are prepared to function properly in society, as we grow older and make smart choices. However, some people would argue that having these expectations within schools stifles individuality. In reality, these few expectations are not asking much of students. Student expectations create good citizens by encouraging and requiring all students to follow the handbook. Good citizens don’t break laws; likewise good students don’t break student conduct. These expectations set positive examples and lead us into responsible adults. Just because we follow the rules, attend school regularly and respect our peers shouldn’t define us as “conforming”.

It is vital for schools to promote creativity. I...
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