Topics: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Rwandan Genocide, Conformity Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Conformity although seemingly harmless may be one of the biggest threats to our society to date. The definition of Conformity to me is just basically assimilation in to modern day society. People may see no big danger to being conformist for the fact most people will always think the same and have similar ideas on certain topics. The thing that I do see danger in is people following a leader blindly just because the leader may appeal to some ideas people may have or because other people may be voting for him; as in politics when people vote for a president not because they are truly convinced by the campaign. But they vote for that president because its what others are doing. Some things its okay to be conformist with or subside to conformity such as maybe clothes, music, religion, and etc. When it comes to more serious matters such as politics and people they associate with, I believe one should have his/her own individual views. Another part of conformity people don’t really acknowledge but that does threaten us today are things such as gangs and mobs. I don’t totally agree with conformity because I think individuality is a great thing for simple reason its what makes everyone different from each other and its also what makes some of us stand out.

Although seeming harmless there has been notable points in history that shows conformity is a thing that can be very dangerous threat to society if the the influence may so chose to use it in the wrong way. One of the biggest and most notable points in history that comes to mind is Nazism. People followed a leader threw the slaughter of millions of innocent lives all because he hated the other race; and Hitler promised that he would bring Germany back to power. So even if it was against person’s morals to kill they stood by and let it happen and took no charge to help stop or even prevent this massive genocide. But conformity did not just play one side of the fence during world war two; there was also a part played...
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