Conforming with Society

Topics: High school, Jesus, Pride parade Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: April 8, 2007
Rushi Pandya
English III Honors
Ms. Cameron
9 January 2007
Must We Conform?
Not Only does Society not require conformity, it goes as far as to encourage individualism. Many instances provide proof that this statement is a reality. Throughout history, science, our modern world, etc. we see examples of distinctiveness benefiting the individual. How else do unique personas such as Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton thrive in our world? Yet even if individualism does not thrive in fortune or fame, it is now accepted as a part of our society. People who don't conform to society in this world can go onto do great things. Multi-Billionaire Bill Gates dropped out of the prestigious Harvard University on the verge of graduating. Though society preaches that education is quite important, Gates proved that one does not need to conform to society. Toady, Bill Gates is quite possibly the richest man in the world, and how could that be possible? It is possible because Gates did not give in to the pressures of society and, as a matter of fact, went against society. Speaking of another individual who did not fear or give into the pressures of society, Jesus Christ is perhaps the greatest example of individualism thriving. According to the Bible, and Christianity as a whole, Jesus was a great for sacrificing himself for humans. Christ did not conform to society, yet today millions of people believe in Christianity, and lead better lives because of their faith.

In science, one should never conform to the general beliefs, because science is about discovering and learning new things. Galileo Galiei, the great Italian astronomer, was the first to state that the sun was the center of the galaxy, not the earth, as was believed at the time of his life. Although and shunned and threatened by the Roman Catholic Church at that time, Galileo did not waver in his beliefs. As a result of his nonconformity, he is known to have contributed one of the most important scientific facts in...
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