Conflicts in the Ugly American

Topics: William Lederer, Eugene Burdick, The Ugly American Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: April 11, 2013
The Ugly American. By William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick.

In the book the ugly American there is a lot of conflict going on with Southeast Asia. Throughout this book there are a lot of times where the senators, ambassadors and many other leaders are critically strategizing how different things could or should be done in this country. It starts off with the ambassador Sarkhan of Sarkanhese along with his people who all are fluent in Sarkhanese, which Sarkhan is in a two year period of instructions to teach language which he is sent to serve in.

All Americans are said to be strong independent hard workers but all of them are not put up to the test of the others in another country. While this book is carrying on we come upon multiple people who believe they can change something using their skills in another nation. One of these men is Father Finian who is a man of an agitator of the most extreme skill, and combines with the typical Jesuitical command of dialectics. He is also engaged in some sort of papist plot. Another man who appears not long after Finian is John Colvin. John was an American farmer who brought the milk economy to Sarkhan. This didn’t work out for him because of a guy named Deong who threaten to kill him if he didn’t put the cocol in the milk. Deong wanted Colvin to do this so people would die n he would get the blame for it. Deong did not believe John had the right to come here and make business in his country.

Tom Knox another American who is a chicken farmer goes to the Cambodians to show them how to turn there little chickens into fat ones who can make much more eggs than what they were making. He found a theory of what to put in there feed to bulk them up. As these Americans are trying to help others from another country increase their living situations they are actually being pushed out by them and not wanting any help. To them Americans are rich, rude and arrogant people who don’t know how to work for there living.

Ragtime Kid,...

Cited: Lederer, William J., and Eugene Burdick. The Ugly American. New York: Norton, 1958.
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