Conflicts in "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas"

Topics: Family, Nazi Germany, Conflict Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: November 16, 2013

The movie “The Boy in Striped Pajamas” is filled with conflict. The movie is take place in Germany, during World War II. Bruno is the main character, he is a nine-year-old boy and his family moves from Berlin to a new home. Bruno’s father is a SS Commandant and is assigned to take command of a prison camp. He gets promoted to commandant of Auschwitz. Bruno explores off into the woods to where it is off limits. He stumbles across this fenced off area and sees a young boy about his age.

Bruno goes up to this little boy. He is dirty looking, no shoes, and is wearing striped pajamas. The child’s name is Shmuel. The two start talking and becomes very close friends. Bruno is very curious about what Shmuel. Why is he there, how he got there, who is there, and if he can come out from the fenced area?

Bruno goes back to the same spot every day. He starts bring Shmuel some food and some games that they play through the fence. Soon Shmuel tells Bruno the truth about him being there; he is there because he is a Jew. Bruno does not understand it at first until his sister and him get a tutor. Their tutor teaches them about the Third Reich. Bruno’s sister Gretel is very supporting of it, while Bruno is unsure about the Nazi Propaganda.

Elsa, Bruno’s mother is against the Nazi Propaganda, but she is too scared to say her opinion. Later in the movie she does voice her opinion about the camp. She was told it was a labor camp. She realizes that it is not that and it is an extermination camp, just from the smell and the smoke being produced from the camp. She fights with her husband about the camp and he suggest she takes the kids and go to her aunts house.

Before the day they move, Bruno visits Shmuel and discovers that Shmuel’s father is missing. Bruno decides that he can help Shmuel find his father. So he digs a hole beneath the fence and Shmuel finds him some pajamas to wear. The boys wonder around the camp looking for the father. They get mixed in with a group of...
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