Conflicts Between New Settlers and the Native Populations

Topics: Mississippi River, Native Americans in the United States, Louisiana Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Conflicts Between New Settlers and Native Population

Early English settlers viewed the native populations as little more than savages and a primitive people that were inferior to them. The English believed that, since they were an inferior people, their land could be taken and claimed for the English so that they could continue to expand and settle new areas and mire towns and villages. In this Essay I aim to Explain the views of the colonists about the native populations as well as the views of the Natives about the new colonists. The First English settlers to arrive and start to colonize northeast America, came into conflict with the native populations over territories and land. The English viewed the natives as a savage people that was lacking a structured society. The English thought them to be inferior and concluded that their land was up for the taking, but the Indians we not going to give up without a fight. During the early 18th century, the French had occupied the Mississippi river valley and controlled the territory from New Orleans to Quebec, which was at the time the largest territory controlled by any one country in north America. The English occupied everything east of the Mississippi river valley. The English Colonists wanting to expand their land, moved into French occupied Ohio to claim land so that it could be sold for profit to anyone to pay to sell the land. This led to the Seven Years war, a war in which the English fought France on French occupied land. In this war the native Indians fought on both sides and they fought to retain their independence from the new settlers. But after the English had defeated the French and drove them out of the land, the native Indians realized that with no more French forces to hinder the expansion of the English colonies into the Ohio and Mississippi river valleys, that they in danger of loosing their land and possibly their freedoms to the expanding English colonies. This Caused the Indians to revolt...
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