Conflict Scenarios

Topics: Management, Decision making, Decision theory Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: December 4, 2011
Conflict Scenario
The conflict between the marketing department members causes Just Right Tire Company management to use effective decision making skills. With the deadline for the ad drawing near, Just Right Tire marketing managers must quickly find a solution. Therefore, the managers should expedite the decision making process. The rational decision-making model will elicit logic, intelligence, and well founded decisions (Nickel, McHugh, & McHugh, 2010). The model incorporates seven steps; define the situation, describe and collect needed information, develop alternatives, develop agreement among those involved, decide which alternative is best, and determine whether the decision was a good one and follow up (Nickels, McHugh, & McHugh, 2010).

In following the steps, eliminating steps that are irrelevant, the managers can develop a solution. The situation explains that the marketing department is no longer collaborating on an important project. The three members cannot decide on an ad visual causing the team to disband. An alternative solution is to have the manager decide which visuals to combine for the final product. This resolves the disagreement between members because the choice was taken leaving no conflict. The Just Right Tire marketing team can now meet the deadline.

Conflict is common in workplace teams and is not always bad. Conflict is important because it provides different strategies for completing a common goal. A common cause of conflict in a group is a breakdown in communication. Examples of communication breakdown are misunderstandings, cultural differences, and poor listening (Skiles, Gulbro, Shonesy, 2010). The manager’s responsibility is to find a solution and resolve the disagreement. Conflict resolution is important because too much conflict can lead to an impasse and effect performance. Since Jan, Sally, and Mark have been very successful in the past working on a team an effective conflict resolution process would be...

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