Conflict Resolutions

Topics: Employment, Conflict, Conflict resolution Pages: 7 (1221 words) Published: September 27, 2014
Conflict-Resolution Consultant
Central Texas College

HRMN 300 Conflict Management In Organizations
Professor Jeeter
20 September 2014

This writing assignment will illustrate how diversity is the collective mixture of similarities and differences among coworkers, and how it plays an important part in the workplace climate, morale, relationships and production. The subjects to be discussed are: Sources of conflict; contributing cultural issues; investigative areas to address; and plan of action for resolution. Exploring the dimensions of similarities and differences to diversity in the workplace, is the key to training the workforce and sustaining healthy relationships between employees and staff.

Sources of Conflict
As a conflict resolution consultant at the XYZ Company in Wiesbaden Germany, there were an influx of complaints within a six month period after the merge concerning diversity issues. The underlying sources of conflict involved poor cross-cultural communication, personality differences, different values and competition. First, the cross-cultural communication resulted in confusion, lack of trust, lack of teamwork and very low morale. The conceptual, cultural, and language barriers need to be settled for diversity programs set forth in the future, in order for it to be successful. Secondly, resistance to change was apparent due to change of leadership. Some of the German employees refused to accept the social and cultural changes of their workplace. They wholeheartedly believe in the old way of doing things and were resistant to change. Next, some employees harbored resentment and felt that there wasn’t an avenue to express their concerns about the new leadership and how some employees were being treated verses others. Lastly, competition for opportunities of promotion, job positions within the organizations and recognition was not one of the priorities of the new senior leadership of the company. The rumor a promoting relatives was a negative buzzword within the organization. Stereotypes and biases play a deep role in the before mentioned underlying conflicts at this company. They are deep rooted in every individual and shape the perceptions on how a person views situations and people, and how we respond to them. Some are good and of course some may be questionable to others. In this case, employees prejudging each other and their leadership are the tall tale signs of bias and stereotyping for this particular situation (Greenberg, 2009). Additional information about each employee will be assessed during this thorough investigation of grievances. This will ensure that all documentation like past employee evaluations are forth coming as well as the frequency of promotions and recognition. Without this documentation, it would be harder to determine the actual work relationship between the employer and employee during the tenure of the organization (Myatt, 2012). In order to provide a strong and withstanding resolution, certain areas have to be addressed first such as diversity type management practices starting with the senior leadership commitment (CEO). Top level management has to enforce the vision of diversity and communicate this throughout an organization which is also a key to a successful strategic plan. Secondly, diversity is closely linked with performance. Having the understanding of a more diverse and inclusive work environment and yield greater productivity and help improve individual and organizational performance. Third, measurement of quantitative and qualitative measures that impact the various aspects of an overall diversity program. Fourth, accountability that ensures leadership is responsible for diversity by making their performance assessment and compensation to the diversity initiative. Fifth, succession planning that is interminable process that identifies and develops a diverse...

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