Conflict Resolution Strategies in the Workplace

Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: October 18, 2008
Conflict resolution strategies in the workplace
Resolving conflict in team dynamics is an active problem in the workplace. Conflict is a part of our every day organizational life. Conflict is caused when a group of people get together and share there opinions, beliefs, and knowledge. Because, all people were not taught the same values and beliefs disagreements and disputes may arise within the group. When conflict is identified is should be resolved immediately to allow the team to continue to be productive and complete assigned tasks. Conflict can present itself in many forms, communicative, structural, and personal. There are three main reasons why conflict resolution strategies must be present in the workplace for teams to be successful. Conflict among the team can have a negative impact on productivity and efficiency within the team. The efficiency and productivity of a team is affected negatively by conflict resolution. When conflict is present within a team, the team is not able to function and produce at their highest level. The team puts more effort and energy into the controversy itself rather that the goal that has been set by the team. Even though the disagreement may only be between two people, the whole team feels the unwanted tension, workload and extra costs incurred. As the UNC research team reported in their results to Industry Week and The Dallas Morning News, 53 % of the respondents said they lost work time worrying about a past or future confrontation with a coworker. (Zimmerman, 2007). In my experience, as a supervisor and part of a management team I have seen firsthand how conflict can dictate the productivity levels, efficiency and costs within the workplace. Effective conflict resolution strategies help reduce costs and turnover ratios. A variety of costs are incurred as a result of long term tension and disputes. When conflict is not resolved as soon as it becomes imminent anger builds up and hostile work environments become...

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