Conflict Resolution Plan

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Ryan Jensen
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Conflict Resolution Plan

Version 1.0: August 24,2010
Conflict Resolution Plan
Step One: Set the Scene

Make sure that people understand that the conflict may be a mutual problem, which may be best resolved through discussion and negotiation rather than through raw aggression. If you are involved in the conflict, emphasize the fact that you are presenting your perception of the problem. Use active listening skills to ensure you hear and understand other’s positions and perceptions. * Restate

* Paraphrase
* Summarize
And make sure that when you talk, you're using an adult, assertive approach rather than a submissive or aggressive style. Step Two: Gather Information
Here you are trying to get to the underlying interests, needs, and concerns. Ask for the other person’s viewpoint and confirm that you respect his or her opinion and need his or her cooperation to solve the problem. Try to understand his or her motivations and goals, and see how your actions may be affecting these. Also, try to understand the conflict in objective terms: Is it affecting work performance? damaging the delivery to the client? disrupting team work? hampering decision-making? or so on. Be sure to focus on work issues and leave personalities out of the discussion. * Listen with empathy and see the conflict from the other person’s point of view. * Identify issues clearly and concisely.

* Use “I” statements.
* Remain flexible.
* Clarify feelings.
Step Three: Agree the Problem
This sounds like an obvious step, but often different underlying needs, interests and goals can cause people to perceive problems very differently. You'll need to agree the problems that you are trying to solve before you'll find a mutually acceptable solution. Sometimes different people will see different but interlocking problems - if you can't reach a common perception of the problem, then at the very least, you need to...
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