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Humphreys College
Elsa Torres
MGT 292 Conflict Management
Term Paper Project
Humphreys College Resolution Program for Faculty, Staff and Students

Prepared for
Professor Jim DeCosta


Arriving at a positive resolution of conflict is always the ultimate goal. Conflict Resolution Programs gives anyone the opportunity to find resolutions such as mediation and other alternative dispute resolution procedures than can enhance conflict outcomes. These programs have become more common in educational and business institutions. Humphreys College lacks a conflict resolution program where students and faculty can turn to if there are disagreements or oppositions of interests and ideas between them. This paper gives a description of conflict, different methods of conflict resolution, and gives my idea of how the school can benefit from having a conflict resolution program

This paper will define conflict, give methods of conflict resolution, and list the short term and long term benefits of my proposed conflict resolution program in the school. I will try to convince the reader that having a conflict resolution program for students and faculty can give the school a better reputation with having better ways to communicate and dispute differences among each other within the college. Humphreys College is a prestigious independent California institution of higher education with over 117 years of educational dedication. They serve motivated, determined students who thrive in an extraordinarily personal, welcoming, and approachable environment where the students can see constant progression. They claim they are skilled and have professional faculty-practitioners who build bridges between a solid education foundation in the liberal arts and practical life. The school also offers a variety of different ways of learning. They offer team projects, individual presentations, hands-on practice, and online learning (Humphreys College). While this school provides day and night classes to fit every ones busy schedule, the school lacks a third party for students to turn to when they feel a disagreement has come across between themselves and faculty. You can find a general catalog inside the schools’ website where all their policies are listed. In those policies, there is zero tolerance for drug/alcohol use, sexual harassment, and assault. Although these policies are very much respected, the catalog does not list anything about resolution of grievance other than taking complaints to the immediate supervisor. At Humphreys College there is only one supervisor and students feel like the supervisor is one sided (faculty). The frustration of the students grows as they walk away feeling like nothing was resolved.

Conflict is defined as a sharp disagreement or opposition of interests or ideas. Anytime people work together, conflict is a part of ‘doing business’. Conflict is a normal and natural part of any workplace. When it occurs, there is a tendency for morale to be lowered, an increase in absenteeism and decreased productivity (Human Resources University of Colorado Boulder). Handling and resolving conflicts that arise in the workplace is one of the biggest challenges students, faculty, staff, managers, employees, customers face. Typically there are two responses to conflict: avoid it or confront it (Human Resources University of Colorado Boulder). There are two major types of conflict. The first type of conflict is known as “personalized”. This type of conflict is motivated primarily by emotion and perceptions about someone else's personality, character and motives. Because personalized conflict concentrates on emotion and not issues, problem solving seldom works, as neither party is really interested in solving a problem. The second type of conflict is known as “substantive”. This type of conflict occurs when two parties disagree about an issue. Handled in the right manner, the parties in...

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