Conflict resolution

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Portfolio is a collection of evidence, usually in written form that presents personal and professional development, by providing critical analysis of its contents (McMullen, et. al., 2003). A portfolio captures learning from experience, enables to measure learning, acts as a tool for reflective thinking, illustrates critical analytical skills and evidence of self-directed learning and provides a collection of detailed evidence of a person's competence (Gray, et. al., 2004). For Dewey, reflective thinking consisted of two parts: a state of doubt and a search to resolve that doubt. Thus, constructing a portfolio is an act of revealing one's beliefs. At the heart of portfolio development is purposeful choice making (Davis, et. al., 1997). This portfolio has been written as a part of the Post Graduate diploma in neonatal intensive Care nursing. The author will begin by providing an overview of reflection and mention the models used to guide this process. For the purpose of reflection the essay shall be written in the first person. I will reflect on one specific incident that I encountered in my experience as a neonatal nurse in one of the maternity hospitals which, I will analyse and discuss how it affected my practice. I will conclude by summarising my thoughts and reflections. For the purpose of data protection I have used pseudonyms when referring to those involved in the incident Agent-Based Manufacturing and Control Systems: New Agile Manufacturing Solutions for Achieving Peak Performance Massimo Paolucci and Roberto Sacile ISBN: 1574443364 Curing the Patch Management Headache Felicia M. Nicastro ISBN: 0849328543 Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide, Second Edition Bruce Middleton ISBN: 0849327687 Disassembly Modeling for Assembly, Maintenance, Reuse and Recycling A. J. D. Lambert and Surendra M. Gupta ISBN: 1574443348 The Ethical Hack: A Framework for Business Value Penetration Testing James S. Tiller ISBN: 084931609X Fundamentals of DSL Technology Philip...
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