Conflict Resolution

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February 22, 2013

I. Theme
Conflict Resolution
II. Objectives
At the end of the activity, the participants are expected to: * To understand the meaning of Conflict Resolution and as to why it happens in different situations. * To comprehend how to handle conflicts properly.

* To know the different styles of handling conflict.
* To apply the healthy responses on managing and resolving conflict. * To know the techniques on resolving conflicts.

III. Time Frame
One and a half hours (90 minutes) – 4:00 pm-5:30pm

IV. Materials
a. Riff-Off
* Pen
* Paper
b. Anti-Gravity Hoop
* 3 hula hoops
c. Eight man-can
* 18 empty soda cans
* String
* Rubber band

V. Activity
a) Ice Breaker: Riff Off
The class will be divided into four groups and will be given 3 minutes to write down songs based on a given theme (Love Songs) and make sure they know the lyrics. The first group to think of a song related with the given theme will run into the center to sing their chosen song until they stop with the last word of the lyrics. The next group should connect a new song that they will start singing from the word where the last group ended. To recognize the next group to sing, they must also go to the center or the marked area. This ice breaker will run within 7 minutes only. The winner will be the group with the highest points accumulated. Points are gained when the group sang a song on the marked area. b) Anti-Gravity Hoop

Divide the group into three groups. Each group will be given a hula hoop to work with. Have the students stand in a circle with two fingers touching the hula hoop (It helps to have a judge per group to drop the hula hoop onto the fingers and make sure they always are in contact with the hula hoop) Once everyone in the group is touching the hula hoop with two fingers they must never stop touching it. The object of the game is to place the hula hoop on the ground first. It seems easy but to get everybody to go down is very hard. One side will always go up instead of down. This game is a struggle for who will be listened to in the group, resulting to conflict because of different suggestions on what the group’s technique will be. c) Eight Man Can

Divide the class into 3 groups containing eight members each. Prior to the activity, cut string into three-foot long pieces. Tie eight pieces of string to a rubber band, spacing them as evenly apart as possible. You will finish with a rubber band with eight pieces of string attached to it (it should look like a sunshine with eight sun rays going out in all directions). Give each group a stack of six coke cans and one of the rubber band/string tools that you have prepared. Using the rubber band/string tool, students will try to stack as many cans on top of each other as they can. (We play on the floor not tables) Group members may not touch the cans with their hands, or any other part of their bodies for that matter, even if a can falls on the floor. Each person should hold onto one of the strings that are attached to the rubber band and the group then uses this device to pick up the cans and place them on top of each other (by pulling the rubber band apart and then bringing it back together over the cans). Make sure you use a rubber band the fits tight over a can but still can be pulled back far enough without breaking. Put a time limit on it and tell the teams they have three minutes to build the biggest tower. They can stop at any level if they don’t want to risk knocking the tower over. VI. Processing

* What are your thoughts about the activity?
* What are your strategies or techniques in ?
* Who is the acting leader in your group?
* How can you manage to participate having inconsistent...

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