Conflict Reflection

Topics: Management, Nonverbal communication, Aggression Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: October 16, 2010
Conflict Reflection Paper
The result of the assessment on my assertiveness style is actually that I am more assertive than passive and aggressive. I am however equally passive and aggressive. I agree with this 100 percent because the only time I’ve seen myself act aggressively is when it deals with my brother and the only time I’ve seen myself act passively which is very rare but it towards my fiancé. I also took this assessment at work and I try to always be assertive while working because I don’t want anyone walking all over me but I also don’t want them to be scared of me. I just want everyone to like me and I want to get what I want without hurting anyone else’s feelings. Being assertive is the most effective way of getting what you want without taking advantage of others. I like creating win-win situations because everyone’s happy not just me or them and that’s the way I think it should be. The nonverbal communication I use is positive facial expressions, such as smiling, eye contact, pleasant voice qualities, and erect posture.

My preferred conflict management style is collaborating, which means again I’m more assertive. It also puts me in the adult ego state which the most effective behavior, human relations, and performance, comes from. I tend to think in a rational and unemotional manner. Collaboration isn’t always possible because collaborating takes a lot more time and effort than all the other conflict management styles but when it isn’t possible to collaborate I turn towards compromising. The plus to compromising is that the conflict is handled quickly and relationships are maintained but it can also lead to counterproductive results in the situation which is a bad thing. So I need to learn which conflict management style I need to use for each situation I’m given.

An interpersonal conflict I have faced would be when my manager puts me on the schedule the same times I have class. He has my class schedule so it irritates me that he keeps...
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