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Topics: Personality psychology, Keirsey Temperament Sorter, David Keirsey Pages: 4 (1262 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Leadership Self-Reflection
Shellie Roberts MGT 545
Sullivan University

Leadership Self-Reflection
What makes an effective, moral, and efficient leader? Over the last several years in the workforce I have tried to learn what it takes to have strong leadership in the workforce. The way I see it leadership is made of many different parts which have been taken from many different areas. Things such as reading, training, and various programs that we have taken part in while in the workforce that are meant to enhance our leadership capabilities. Leadership from my perspective is made up of many different things such as being open minded, how we work and interact with others, being open to lifelong learning from any means, being a collaborator, having vision, and you must be willing to take risks when necessary. I have been working hard to become a better leader and feel like I make more and more progress all the time. I have learned that a key part of this is how you work with others. I have also learned that a defininte key to to succes it having characteristics such as integrity, dedication, knowledge, skill, and determination. I am still learning and want to learn and improve more every day.


While preparing to do this paper I used a few different sources to complete the research that allowed me to complete this paper. I first read the text from the course, which lead me to the web sites and five. I was able to take the information from these three sources to make a pretty accurate assessment of my leadership style, my strengths, and of my weakness. This information will help me to better understand and make a plan for me to become a better leader for the future.

Test Result
Kiersey Style Sorter:
When took the personality on the Keirsey website, my personality type was labeled as an idealist. I was not really sure that I agreed with this until...

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