Conflict Process Analysis

Topics: Mobile phone, Negotiation, Conflict Pages: 5 (1949 words) Published: October 5, 2014
Conflict Process Analysis

My thesis is a story of a dispute about a mobile phone and phone expenses between Telecommunication (a Chinese mobile telephone operation company) and me. I will use some organizational conflict theories, several types of conflicts and methods to handle with them to finish my dissertation. Telecommunication offered considerable discounts, while the rules were harsh. Staffs did not know the specific regulations, and I lost the best opportunity to undo the damage. The conflict occurred because of those things. Finally we overcame these obstacles with a good alternative. Handing with mobile phone affairs is close to our daily life. Moreover, it includes interest between the customer, Telecommunication and its staffs. My counterparts and I were strangers originally. Then we became game rivals through the event, and after that we became friends. Describe the situation of this dispute, the analysis of the situation and evaluations for Telecommunications are integral to my paper.

Description of the Situation
The owner of a branch of B & you, Flavie, two staffs, Julie and Sophie were involved in the conflict. Flavie is the boss of Julie and Sophie, and I was their customer. In August 2010, I got an admission to the university. Meanwhile, I received two discount coupons from Telecommunication (for you easy to understand, I use the B &you replacing the Telecommunication, and Flavie and Julie replacing the owner’s and the staff’s original names). At the end of August, I went to university and went to B &you, planning to use the two discount coupons. One of them is for a new smart phone with which I can use it as 1700 RMB cash, and another one is for phone expenses with which I can use it as 900RMB. Julie, as a staff of a branch of B& you (as most of its colleagues, she has a high quit rate because of low salary), told me that, with the voucher 1700 RMB, I could only pay 800 RMB and got a brand new Samsung phone whose price is 2500RMB. In addition, the voucher 900RMB can be sent to my phone account into 24 months, 37.5 RMB per month. This means that if I choose 68 RMB’s package (including mobile phone calls, text messaging, Internet), I can only pay 68 mines 37.5RMB’s part, which is 30.5 RMB. Meanwhile, the contracts of the smart phone and the package were for two years. I had four years of college life. Obviously, this combination was very worthwhile. I signed a contract, paid 800RMB in cash, got the phone. In the end of August, I had missed a strange call, and I did not put that in mind. On September 2nd, Julie called me to inform me to go to B &you with my mobile phone. Intuition told me that something wrong happened, so I came to B &you with my phone and the contract. Julie told me B &you requested the customers to buy a mobile with the voucher in your hometown-City Changsha, and to use the phone expenses voucher in your university’s city- Nanjing. I didn’t meet the requests simultaneously, so I have to give up one discount. Due to the mobile phone cannot to be back, so I have to pay the whole package fee 68 RMB without any discount. That triggered the event. For me, 68 RMB per month was expensive, comparing to other telecommunication company. And the regulation was too sudden for me to accept it. There was no such rule cited on our contract. Because it involves the interests of the owner of B &you branch, Flavie, she also came forward. She gave rise to the conflict. I asked to cancel the contract, however, Julie explained it was impossible. Because all the data about me has been uploaded to corporation, and the contract has been activated. She added that on the last day of August, she tried to inform about it and wanted to ask me if I accept it or not, but the call was not connected. We cannot comprise with each other. Flavie insisted the contract can not be cancelled. If it was cancelled, she had to compensate for this phone (this phone belonged to B &you company). At the...
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