conflict, power and org politics

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Personality traits, Personality psychology Pages: 4 (728 words) Published: October 12, 2013
Conflict is an interpersonal process that arises from disagreements over the goals to attain, the methods to be used to accomplish those goals, or even the tone of voice used as people express their positions. LEVELS OF CONFLICT

Intrapersonal conflict – when an employee’s supervisors or peers send conflicting expectations to him or her, it is possible for intrapersonal role conflict to emerge from within an individual, as a result of competing roles taken.

Interpersonal conflict – are serious problem to many people because they deeply affect a person’s emotions.

Intergroup conflict – each group sets out to undermine the other, gain power, harness available resources, and improve its image. Conflicts arises from such causes as different viewpoints, group loyalties, and poor communication. SOURCES OF CONFLICT

Organizational change
Different sets of values
Threats to status
Contrasting perception
Lack of trust
Difficult tasks
Personality clashes
TRUST the capacity to voluntarily depend on each other’s word and actions. WORKPLACE INCIVILITY occurs when employees fail to exhibit concern and regard for others or- worse yet- disrespect each other on the job. FIVE MAJOR PERSONALITY TRAITS

Openness to experience
Emotional stability
WIN-WIN – both parties perceive they are in a better position than they were before the conflict began.

LOSE-WIN – a situation in which one person (A) is defeated while the other one (B) is victorious.

WIN-LOSE - a situation in which one person (B) is defeated while the other one (A) is victorious

LOSE-LOSE – a situation in which a conflict deteriorates to the point that both parties are worse off than they were before.

Avoiding physical or mental withdrawal from the conflict
Smoothing accommodating the party’s interest
Forcing using power tactics to...
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