Conflict of the Puritan Belief

Topics: Salem witch trials, Puritan, Plymouth Colony Pages: 3 (1156 words) Published: September 22, 2013

The Intent and Conflict of the Puritan Belief
Conflict and tension will always be around when two parties do not share the same belief or concepts. These concepts take shape when several distinctive personalities are left unsupervised. The outcome of the end results can almost leave many groups divided and prejudice against one another. Many nations are divided and often left in ruins. Many extraordinary conflicts are seeded in our nation foundation and are located throughout the course of what is known as, American Literature. These concepts become a proven fact when the puritan, an individual group of the church become very displease in the direction the Church of English was heading. The Puritan shared the belief that the church was extremely corrupted and was field with a lot of man-made doctrines (Calvinistic doctrine). Hoping to escape the prosecution of the church and the King, the puritans fled the grasp of England. During the Puritans exploration, the puritans venture across an ocean field with terror, in possibilities of defining their hope and dreams. Their effort to pursue happiness is often found throughout most author works. As describe by Jean de Crèvecoeur “driven by the pursuit of happiness and the belief of creating a society should be everyone goals.” (Crèvecoeur) Many author saw the struggle and hardship the puritan endure during their voyage. The outcome or the puritan hardship and conflicts across the sea are founded throughout the pages of today American literature. One of the founding settlers of the New World, William Bradford wrote of his journey across the sea and shared some of his experience dealing with the weather that occurred while on board the ship. Mr. Williams Bradford describe the wind “fierce and the sea so high as they could not bear a knot of sail, but were forced to hull.”(Bradford 43) The conflicts that were encounter during their voyage were the weather. The weather caused the voyage across the sea to be come...
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