Conflict Management Report

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Conflict Management Report
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21st Century Leadership and Beyond | BUS320 A02

In the case under review for this report, Kate an employee felt as if though she had been discriminated against and needed some direction on how to best approach the situation. I can definitely relate to Kate's situation. I was the first African American person to work in the Biomedical Engineering Department at COA (Children's of Alabama). at the time of my hire, there were several technicians working in our department with several years of experience and certifications. However, within the course of a few years all of those technicians left the department and a new wave of techs were hired. So, everybody in the department was basically new with the exception of our director who was offered a bigger and better position working for GE. At that time, I had the most seniority and experience of anyone in the department. There was only one other person that was close to me with regards to seniority who just happened to be Caucasian. He was offered an opportunity to interview for the position I was not. He eventually became the new director and worked to obtain his bachelors degree while working in the position.

I did not want to jump to conclusions at that time, maybe his performance during the time before the position became available was better than mine or maybe they just didn't see leadership qualities in me. Although, my performance ratings were pretty high and our educational background and experience was pretty much the same. However, the fact remains that he was offered an opportunity that I was not until the very last minute when it was almost to late to apply and after my coworker had already interviewed and pretty much solidified the position. I really could have made a big deal out of the whole situation but gaining more knowledge and experience in the field was more important to me at the time. So, I continued to work at the same high level as before waiting and looking for my next opportunity.

As an employee of any company, one is expected to conduct himself or herself as a professional and minimize conflict. Kate’s conflict situation was centered on ethical breaches by her direct superior. I also had a situation where there was a ethical breach. With regards to my personal situation, the managers ethical breach would be categorized as favoritism ( since there appeared to be no logical reason why I was not even considered for the management position and a person with the same experience and a little less time on the job was. Kate's situation was very similar to mine and would more than likely be considered favoritism as well. However, there are a few differences worth mentioning. The discriminatory act in my situation appeared to be racial. Where as the discriminatory act in Kate's situation appeared to be centered on gender. Both situations are possible discrimination cases which directly violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which states that discrimination in employment based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin is prohibited. Title VII also addresses employees' rights both before and during employment. n employer who discriminates against a former employee or retaliates against an employee who filed a claim with the EEOC through the use of a pejorative and damaging reference can also be held liable for violation of Title VII.

Whenever there is a conflict involving your direct superior, the proper protocol is to address the issue with them directly. If a solution cannot be reached by talking to them, the next step would involve reaching out to their superior. This approach could have been used in Kate’s conflict as well as mine. Kate’s coworkers suggested that she go directly to her superior’s management. While this approach will yield results, as I stated before, the proper...

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