Conflict Management Plans

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Conflict Management Plan

1. Identify the available conflict management strategies and their strengths and weaknesses.


Competing Strategy
Long Term Action Plan that is devised to help a company gain a competitive advantage over its rival.

When up against a deadline a person may give up power to gain a win. Where this works is when you know you have the right solution, because a fast decision is required Team member on the losing need of a decision may become less willing to assist in other projects.

Collaborating Strategy
When in conflict, people try to work together to achieve a mutually outcome

Team member try to understand other team members views in order to find solutions to the problem. A winning solution is when all are in agreement, thus a group collaboration May take a long time to complete goals

Avoiding Strategy
Should a person be discomfort, they may pay no attention to the conflict

If a person knows that they have no power or control over a situation, than the strategy can be put into effect. Evading can be helpful should the team can find a better solution to the problem. Evading is also useful when the team is buying time in order to gather more information before making a decision.

Decisions are made by default , because of deadlines

Accommodating Strategy
When you place someone overlooks their concerns and puts someone else interests before your own in order keep the relationship.

When someone understands they are wrong, this strategy aids the group. Also when the person understands they cannot win the groups support, thus allowing others to learn from their mistakes

Individual cannot take credit for their own ideas.

Compromising Strategy
Each member must be willing to bend a little so the group can reach their common goal

When team members are committed to achieving the goal, compromising strategy helps with solutions to the problems. This...
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