Conflict Management

Topics: Conflict, Conflict management, Management Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: November 16, 2005
Conflict is something that arises in any workplace and that is particularly true when speaking about healthcare and the nursing field. Conflict by definition is competitive or opposing action of incompatibles and a mental struggle resulting from incompatible or opposing needs, drives, wishes, or external or internal demands. If these conflicts are managed correctly the results can be positive as opposed to negative.

One type of conflict management strategy is called ‘compromising'. This strategy can be defined as attempting to resolve a conflict by identifying a solution that is partially satisfactory to both parties, but completely satisfactory to neither. This type of management strategy requires the individual to be both partly assertive and partly cooperative in their actions and overall message. One's main goal with this particular strategy is to reach an advantageous solution that satisfies both parties. There are only certain times and situations that call for this particular management strategy. One of them is when you want to achieve a temporary solution. Nursing is a fast-paced field with fast-paced working environments and sometimes the best solution to a problem is to come to a quick solution where both sides are partially happy and come back to the issue at another time when it can be further discussed. Another reason to use compromising as a management strategy is when goals are only moderately important. It may be more beneficial to you and your time if you compromise with someone, especially if the issue is not of utmost importance. There are also certain times when compromising wouldn't be appropriate or may not work all together. Like if the initial demands of a conflict are too great, then another strategy may have to be used. Also the sincerity of the individuals agreement on the solving of the issue can be questioned, promises may not be kept. But one must keep in mind that things that are more important to you shouldn't be...
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