Conflict in Northern Ireland

Topics: Republic of Ireland, Ireland, Ulster Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: May 3, 2013
For quite some time now there has been conflict in Northern Ireland between the two religious groups, the Catholics and the Protestants. The fighting going on among these two groups is not over religion but over power of Northern Ireland. At one point the fighting had gotten so bad that they issued a peace treaty. Though the Peace Treaty is currently in place, there is still contention between Catholics and Protestants because the past is still affecting the two assemblies. One past event that majorly contributes to the present disputes is the Ulster Plantation. This is when the English and Scottish people started to move in to, and conquer Northern Ireland. The Irish were kicked out of their homes and off their own land. The British Colonists that moved in were required to speak English and be of Protestant faith. ("Plantation of ulster," 2013) The Irish people living there were Catholic and still are today. The Catholics in Northern Ireland still hold a grudge against the Protestants for taking over their land. Another example is the Potato Blight. In Ireland during the 1800’s their main crop was potatoes. Ireland depended on this crop because most of the Irish farmers. They also did not have anything else as a backup plan. In 1845-1852 the potato crops got a disease and the crops failed. One million Irish people died of starvation. The Irish that survived blamed all the deaths on England for not sending any help. This affects the present because the Catholics still feel like they are treated unfairly and unequally. They also don’t trust the Protestants because of this past occurrence. In addition, and equally important to notice is Irelands Independence. There was so much fighting between the Irish and England’s government that they let the Republic of Ireland gain independence in 1949. However, Northern Ireland was to remain part of the United Kingdom.” On Easter Monday 1949 Costello brought Eire out of the British Commonwealth and proclaimed that it was...
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