conflict in nigera

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 2. There shall be showers of blessing
Precious reviving again,
Over the hills and the valley,
Sound of abundances of rain,
3. There shall be showers of blessing.
Send them upon us o lord!
Grant to us now a refreshing,
Come and now honour thy word.

4.’’There shall be showers of blessings’’
Oh that to-day they might fall,
Now as God we’re refreshing,
Now as Jesus we call !
Ss/s Hymn 877 standing on the promises
1. Standing on the promise of
Christ my king
Throught eternal ages
Let his praises ring
Glory in the highest
I will shout and sing
Standing on the promises of God
Stand-----ding stand-----ding
Standing on the promises of God my saviours
Stand-----ding stand-----ding
I ‘m standing on the promises of God
2. Standing on the promises
That cannot fail
When the howling storms
Of doubt and fear assait
By the living word of God
I shall preval
Standing on the promises of God
3.Standing on the promises
I now can see
Perfect ,present clearsing
In the blood for me
Standing in the liberty
Where Christ make free
Standing on the promises of God
4. standing on the promises
Of Christ the lord
Bound to him eternally
By lovers strong lord
Overcoming daily with
The spirits sword
Standing on the promises of God.
5. Standing on the promises
I cannot fail
Listening every moment
To the spirit call resting in my
Saviours as my all in all
Standing on the promises of God.
Order of photograph
Couple alone
Bride alone
Groom alone
Couple with bestmen
Couple with bridesmaid
Couple with men in suit
Couple with Groom men
Couple with bridesmaid men in suit
Couple with brides parents
Couple with Grooms parents
Couple with brides family
Couple with Grooms family
Couple with both families
Couple with staff of yorro loc.govt.area.
Couple with officiating ministers
Couple with uncles/aunties
Couple with boy/little bride
Couple with sister & brothers
Couple with students OR ATC,zing
Chief Best man
1. Bro Rimamkyai Ezra (Ekkilisiya)
2. Bro Rimamkawen Thomas
Chief Brides maid
1.Glory Musa
2.Fxentirimam Obadiah
Page Boy
Tsonarimam Tawey
Little Bride
Rejoice Sunday
1.Ezekiel Hassan
2.Andefiki D. Vbanitina
3.Iratishi Silas
4.Ndenaba Bala musa
5.Atishak N.Bushi
1. Tswabude Wazir
2. Blessing Tawe
3. Rimamskep Sabo
Evang.Jonneth Danbela
Mr sam Adamu zwe
Sunday Garba
Order of Reception
1. Musical interlude
2. Introduction of m.c
3. Introduction of chairman/chairperson
4. Introduction of invited dignataries
5. Arrival of couple & friends
6. Opening prayer
7. Chairman/chairperson opening remarks
8. Cutting of cake and toast
9. Opening Dance by chairman/chairperson
10.Donation from chairman
11.Donation from chairperson
12.Bridal dance
13.presentation of gifts /donations
15.Couple Dance with various group
16.Traditional Dance
17.Traditional Dance from kapya
18.Vote of thanks
19.Closing prayers
Officiating ministers
Pastor Dan Akisson-General overseer
Victorioius life ministry

Pastor Henry Bushi
Assistant General overseer
Victorious life ministries

Rev.Anosiem A.C.B
Sectional leader
A G C, Barracks section

Pastor Musa Sanda
Victorious life church,jalingo

Pastor Joseph N. Timothy
Resident Pastor
Assemblies of God church ,Jenuwa Gida

Rev .Istifanus Asomchi
Reformed church of Christ for nations
Jenuwa Gida

Pastor Samunel Dankaro
Holy Ghost refreshing ministries ,Jenuwa Gida

Pastor Andenyande Danjuma
Deeper life Bible Church ,Jenuwa Gida
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