Conflict-Gone, Michael Grant

Topics: Antagonist, Villain, Supervillain Pages: 2 (873 words) Published: November 14, 2011
1.WHAT IF the main characters Sam and Caine were not in the text? If these characters were not in the text the story would be all wrong. These characters are what make the book interesting and keep you guessing. The point of having main characters is to tell the story.Gone is a book that involves alot of conflict between the characters and most of this conflict reflects off Sam and Caine and when this happens it effects everyone else. Sam is considered the leader of the people of perdido high and Caine which is his brother is considered the leader of coates academy and just like all the countries of the world,groups, clubs,bands,polital parties etc they would be no where without thier leaders,this is why Sam and cain are a crucial part of the novel gone. 2.WHAT IF the whole world was effected?

This would be a big problem considering alot of conflict was created in just a little part of the world(Perdido beach).All over the planet kids will be struggling and scared,helpless,worried and out of control.Without the supervision of adults supermarkets will be robbed, houses burnt down,starving babys and there would be no way of describing the chaotic events that take place.It will be like the end of the world but in a way that no one has ever considered as a theory.There will be kids every where fighting each other for leadership and there will be those that disagree and others who rebel.Food will be a big problem seeing as it will run out there is only so much you can get and without the adults who is going to kill and catch the food? make the food? soon there will be none left. The earth will be unliveable, children will be forced into hiding and no matter what happens just like in the movies their are always heros and villians, ALWAYS. 3. WHAT IF characters were ALL famale?

If the characters were all female this would cause huge conflict between each character.Because everyone knows that girls are big talkers there will be...
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