Topics: Renewable energy, Wind power, Peak District Pages: 4 (859 words) Published: March 11, 2015
With reference to a conflict over use of a local resource that you have studied, discuss the extent to which all interest groups involved can be satisfied with its outcome.

The local conflict that I have studied is that over the mix of opinions regarding the Carsington Pastures wind turbines. In this case only people with negative views vocalize their opinion, take to court and protest. This makes its difficult to find opponent groups who are positive towards the turbines as they will not vocalize so long as they are built. General pro wind turbine groups can be found just not small local organizations.

In total there are four turbines, all the same height at 100m above ground level they can be made to look higher due to the pastures high elevation. They have an 8.2 mega watt capacity- enough to power 4400 homes. This photo illustrates the size of the turbines from the reservoir.

The os map below shows the distance (3km) from Carsington Pastures to the Peak Park boundary, the main opposition to the build.

A major factor in the success of the Carsinton Pastures wind turbines has to be the government’s positive influence. By 2020 the EU want 20% of its energy from renewable sources and so the UK government has to push for contributions. Reasons for include reducing greenhouse emissions, being less reliant on imported energy, pushing technological advances and creating jobs. The site is situated in the East Midlands region of the country which is known as being behind most other regions in terms of renewables this means that the local government, Derbyshire County Council will have been under even more pressure to accept. Severn Trent, owner of the Carsington Resevoir have stated that they have no obligations against the wind farm despite it being in plain view from their tourist attraction, the reservoir. Their spokesperson stated when talking to local newspaper Ashbourne News Telegraph "As a company, we strongly...
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