Conflict - Demons By Imagine Dragons

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The Song “Demons” By Imagine Dragons shows conflict within one self. This is also known as Man Vs Self conflict. A conflict that could involve depression.

The first and the second verse of the song is talking about how that the world is a dark and depressing place where people have given up. The people we look up to such has Actors, Actress, musicians are one of the worst influences we could have. It’s saying that there are no more good people left in the world. “And the saints we see are all made of gold”

The Third and Fourth verses are sort of on the same track, they are saying the shows over you see who people really are… Fakes. The fakes are waiting for you to fall; they know that if they criticize you and pull you down. “So they dug your grave, all the masquerades” The Pre-chorus’ have different lyrics, though they are giving the same message. The real friends, they want to protect you, they want to hide the world from you so it can’t hurt you. But the things that make man fallen are inside of then, so he could cut someone off completely from bad people and they would still have a beast inside them. They learn that this is reality and this is the best the world is going to get. “No matter what we breed, We still are made of greed”

What I would call the bridge of the song is expressing that some people say that what you do and how hard you work for it automatically determines the outcome of life. He think it’s just going to happen like it happens and there is nothing they can to do change them. That people will always have demons inside themselves, that demons are a part of him. He needs to let people go when they are innocent; he doesn’t want to ruin that. But he needs help! The line “I can’t escape this now, unless you show me how” Shows he needs help; it’s a note of hope. He needs help from people to be able to show him the way out. "Your eyes they shine so bright, I want to save that light” The last part of the song I haven’t spoken about is...
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